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askdjasldkjad I spent most of this episode trying not to scream! oh my fucking god i'm going to be dead by the end of the week.

I'm really absolutely loving Lois, and I hope like hell she doesn't die. I loved her speech, and her courage, and her preparedness. omg please let her join the team!

I loved Gwen and Rhys's conversation on top the potatoes. The writers has finally nailed Gwen, the Gwen they hinted at and teased us with at times, and I'm amazed they haven't dropped her yet. I love that her pregnancy reveal didn't turn into some serial-episode drama -- the first quiet moment they had together, she told him. I loved Rhys, too, when he borrowed the money from Lois and was helpful by being Rhys and not a mini-Jack or Ianto.

OMG Lois. I really, really do love her. Survive, Lois!

Jack. Jack Jack Jack Jack. I don't even know what I can say about him in this ep. OMG poor Jack. The way he started screaming when the concrete came in. I just.

IANTO. His entrance! That was def. one of the times where I was trying not to scream. I actually had my hand over my mouth. And I love his family. I love that his brother-in-law is kind of a tremendous ass but also a good guy in his own right, I love that his sister is a little pissed at him but also loves him. I love Jack's daughter, too, she has a very restrained elegance to her that's not much like Jack but carries echoes of the era he loves. adkjalsdkjasldkj just. Everything!

The kids are still fabulously creepy. The plot is fascinating and I have no idea where the hell it's going. At first I thought they were building a spaceship but clearly I was wrong. Also, someone's been watching BSG, but whatever. The other dude -- the one with the radio, not the one who's always talking to the PM -- creeps me right the fuck out.

ALSO ALSO ALSO I almost forgot b/c it was all the way at the beginning of the ep BUT -- Gwen! Gwen biting the hell out of the guy and wiping blood off her mouth and going apeshit with the fire extinguisher! For a minute I thought she was going to kill the second dude and breathed a sigh of relief that she didn't but god, Eve was brilliant in that scene.



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