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Hello, five people still subscribed to this journal! I'm alive!

I haven't posted in like a million years, but I want to start posting again. SO I'm doing a meme. This will work spectacularly! It will be just like the old days, when I posted twice a day three times a week! Or not....

Anyway, meme is from [personal profile] dira.

1. Intro and a recent picture
2. 20 facts about you
3. Your favorite quote
4. What are you afraid of?
5. 10 songs you love right now
6. Your 5 senses right now
7. Your pet hates
8. What's in your handbag?
9. What are your worst habits?
10. What's your best physical feature?
11. List 15 of your favorite things
12. What's inside your fridge?
13. What is your earliest memory?
14. If you won the lottery...
15. Timeline of your day
16. What's at the top of your bucket list?
17. What is your most proud moment?
18. The meaning behind your blog name
19. What do you collect?
20. A difficult time in your life
21. Your 10 favorite foods
22. The best thing to happen this year
23. Your dream job
24. Your favorite childhood book
25. Your 5 favorite blogs
26. An old photo of you
27. Post your favorite recipe
28. What are you looking forward to?
29. Where have you travelled?
30. What's in your makeup bag?
31. Why do you blog?

Man, I kind of bogged down here trying to think of what to write. Pretty much . . . very little is the same since I was last posting regularly? Maybe I'll go into everything after the meme. Anyway, very briefly, just graduated with B.S. in Psychology, am applying to grad schools and doing research, blah-di-blah. Supposed to be working on an IRB document and personal statements, but clearly I'm procrastinating.

Here's a recent selfie with my cat Leia. She has cleverly disguised herself in this picture, you can't tell what a ridiculously fluffy ball of fluff she really is.

 photo photo.jpg


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