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SKINNER: Ask me the question.
JOSH: He compared homosexuality to kleptomania and sex addition, Matt.
JOSH: The Majority Leader. The leader of your own party.
SKINNER: He was wrong and I told him so.
JOSH: For cryin' out loud!
SKINNER: Ask me the question, Josh!
JOSH: How can you be a member of this party?!?
SKINNER: You've been holding that in for way too long, man.
JOSH: This party who says that who you are is against the law.
SKINNER: You know, I never understand why you gun control people don't all join the N.R.A. They've got two million members. You bring three million to the next meeting... call a vote... All those in favor of tossing guns - [Snaps fingers] - Bam! Move on.
JOSH: That's a heck of a strategy, Matt. I'll bring that up in a meeting.
SKINNER: I agree with 95% of the Republican platform. I believe in local government. I'm in favor of individual rights rather than group rights. I believe free markets lead to free people and that the country needs a strong national defense. My life doesn't have to be about being a homosexual. It doesn't have to be entirely about that.

You know what I thought when I saw that scene? I thought, fuck you. No, you unmitigated asshole, your life doesn't have to be about "being a homosexual", you sailed right on out of the queer camp, didn't you? You stabbed us in the back and have drinks with the enemy and smugly say your life doesn't have to be about "being a homosexual". And all the dead teenagers and AIDS victims and murdered transsexuals were too fucking stupid to figure it out: our lives aren't about being homosexual! Well, fuck, if only we were as bright as you, we'd still have lives at all!

I'm not as upset about Ianto dying and Jack leaving the show, perhaps indefinitely, as I would have thought I'd be. I'm not as upset as I would have been last year. I haven't even gotten very wibbly about it, I didn't even tear up as Ianto was dying, although I did feel uneasy. It wasn't until I got online that I realized how fucking angry I was.

I know it's illogical. But I can't help but think that RTD used the queer hook to get people in, to seem innovative and new, and then buried his gays to go mainstream. I love Gwen and I love Lois but after they dumped Ianto overboard and turned Jack into the destroyer of his own family, I don't trust the showrunners not to butcher them, and I don't care if they're not planning to. I'm fucking pissed. Of course RTD killed the queers any way he could; his life, and his stories, aren't about "being a homosexual". He's above that, now. If only the rest of us could be so enlightened.
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