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There are so many things wrong with me, you guys, I can barely list them all. The most disturbing highlights:

- I've spent most of the past month listening to country music. Popular country music from the nineties. You can check here for more information about it (or to listen to it yourself!) but it's just. So embarassing. Right now it's that Maria song from Brooks & Dunn which is just, like, an inch away from yodeling. And if you haven't heard it you think I'm joking but I'm not.

- I've reached the saturation point of my current fannish obsession (Star Wars) and so now I'm at the stage where I'm reading books I don't like and watching game videos on YouTube for something new. Case in point: I made the mistake of re-reading some of Karen Traviss' RC books (yes, the ones I complained about before) which isn't really a mistake, she's a wonderful author and I'm truly in awe of her, but they make me feel like crap! And I knew they were going to do that and I read them anyway! I've toyed with the thought of dling Merlin or SGA, both of which I've seen my flist squeeing over, but I don't want Merlin or SGA! I want Star Wars! Hence, saturation point. I tried diverting myself with Torchwood but it was not enourmously successful. I dunno, do you guys recommend SGA? Is it pretty light in tone? I mean, I can handle some dark stuff but deep down I'm a fragile snowflake, I need my happy endings. Maybe I can work up some enthusiasm for something other than Captain Hotass Rex and Tiny Badass Ahsoka.

- Jobs. Jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs. I am so lazy. Jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobssssssssss. I got a work offer half an hour ago and seem trapped in some bipolar circle of glee and despair. Money! On the other hand, talking to people! The recent dose of KT isn't helping. I need so much professional help, you guys, it's not even funny.

THIS IS MY LIFE. What is happening to you?


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