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- Needs moar Rex. D:

+ Ahsoooooka. Tiny badass! I loved that she got frowny-faced when the impostor Jedi snapped at her but didn't wibble or fall to pieces, I loved her duel with the fake Jocasta, I loved her spacesuit, I loved that she was willing to make it a suicide mission if it meant Bane wouldn't escape, I loved that even when she was disarmed she still kicked ass, I loved that she yelled "Patience!" at Anakin like she'd reached her last straw and just couldn't take anymore -- that sold me on the two of them as a team better than any writer-forced-bonding from S1.

+ The scene where Bane took Ahsoka's Padawan braid as a souvenir was ten thousand times darker than the torture scene, yes? (Also, to anyone wibbling over torture and omg the kiddies? People have been getting electrocuted on this show since the first season. Padme and Jar Jar were tortured in front of Anakin. Seriously, it's not the torture itself that's bothering people, it's the acknowledgment of it as an evil act -- everyone's fine when it happens off-screen, when the characters hop up afterward as if nothing happened, but when it's shown and recognized as horrible and the work of a villain? Panties. In. Twists.)

+ Anakin's voice when he said he couldn't let Bane escape. Boy was about two degrees from totally feral. He didn't want to catch Bane to keep from taking the holocron, he wanted to catch him and punish him for threatening Ahsoka. Hello, Vaderkin, I was wondering when you were going to show up! Also, I'm a bad person, I found this totally sexy.

- Denal RIP. D: They're killing the named clones now, guys, Rex is even less safe than before omg.

+ Rex bumped his helmet! Ahahahaha.

- Man, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the droids. Seriously, sometimes they try to surrender! Show some mercy, boys.

+ I liked Obi-Wan's and Anakin's scenes together in the first ep, and usually they make me cringe 'cause I don't ship them too much and their voice actors don't always play well together. I loved the pensive little look Anakin shot Obi-Wan when they learned of an intruder. Also loved their utter non-reaction to the sound of an explosion.

+ Loved Ahsoka's disobedience in the opening few minutes. Also, loved that it was Obi-Wan who was stuck yelling at her on the comlink, lol. Ahsoka really has two daddies, doesn't she? :D Evidence:

Obi-Wan: You are putting your troops lives in danger, young one. You will get on the gunship when we arrive.
Anakin: Where's Ahsoka?
Obi-Wan: Following your teachings.
Anakin: Is she winning?
Obi-Wan: For now.

[A few seconds later, when they reach Ahsoka in the gunships.]
Obi-Wan: She's not stopping.
Anakin, totally blasé: Land in front of 'em.

- Really needs moar Rex. D:

- Not sure how I feel about the New, Improved, and Darker Subject Matter! On one hand, yay for more mature stories and interesting character developments. On the other hand, boo for looming threat of character death and all-over BSG-inspired episodes. Nothing against BSG, it seems like a great show, but it's way too dark for me. Plz not to be killing my Rex!

I should do a Rex and Ahsoka picspam for those of you who not watching the show, y/y?


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